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Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts And Severance Agreements

Contracts That Protect Employees and Companies and Create Strong Working Relationships.

Effective employment contracts can provide both companies and employees with protections and clear understanding of expectations on both sides. They can be a foundation for building lasting relationships, and they can offer clear paths to severance should the company and employee chose to part ways.

Employment contracts can also provide protection for a company in regard to proprietary information and technology, and protect the organization from competitors attempting to gather information or lure away key staff.

Gardner Law Firm helps their clients draft and negotiate noncompete agreements, severance agreements and other employment contracts. We help make sure of compliance with state and Federal laws, and provide representation should there be situations that create disputes.

Do Your Employment Contracts Work Hard For You? Find Out With A Consultation.

For companies in Atlanta, North, and Central Georgia, Gardner Law Firm can review your current employment contracts, recommend ways to enhance them and provide clear direction for new hires, or give you guidance on how to communicate clearly with staff members to avoid misunderstandings or confusion in the case of separation.

 We’ll discuss your situation and advise you of laws that may impact you. We’ll also explain your options and what you can do to protect yourself.