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How Staff Training On Employment Law Can Be A Good Investment


Employment law is complex. And in today’s economy, as the traditional relationships between employers and workers continue to evolve, it can be difficult to keep up—and protect your company against potential liability from non-compliance or from misinterpreting employment laws.

That’s why training from professionals who follow the changes in employment law can be an important strategic move for organizations large and small. 

Even HR professionals who have years of experience can find it hard to keep up with the latest changes and interpretations. Many employment law violations are inadvertent, and the result of lack of knowledge rather than intent. 

But that may not matter if your company winds up in court.

Attorney Jerilyn Gardner has seen this happen a number of times in her career. She spends a significant amount of time working directly with companies to help them understand relevant employment laws and create systems so that employees, including management,  are properly trained.

Gardner Law Firm works closely with HR professionals and upper level management to help train supervisors on how to spot potential discrimination and how to handle employee inquiries and complaints in a positive, appropriate way. This can help responsible employers avoid discrimination claims and improve employee relationships and the work environment.

Gardner Law Firm employment law training for companies can involve several steps:

  • An assessment of the company’s current understanding of employment law
  • Identification of potential knowledge gaps or problems
  • Education and training of key staff
  • Developing a structured plan to keep the company in compliance as it experiences routine staff turnover
  • Proactive steps so that compliance isn’t considered a burden, but a way to build stronger employer/employee relationships and better work satisfaction.

To learn more about how Gardner Law Firm works with companies for employment law training and compliance, schedule a consultation.

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